Payment gateway


Effortlessly accept card payments online with our secure and efficient acquiring solution. Streamline transactions and expand your business without the complexities of traditional banking systems.

Compliance and Regulation

Acquirers are well-versed in the regulations and compliance requirements of their region. This ensures that all transactions are compliant with laws, reducing the risk of legal complications.

Better Customer Experience

Utilizing a local acquirer ensures quicker transaction processing. Additionally, customers tend to trust and recognize local payment gateways, fostering confidence and potentially boosting sales.

Fair rates

Cartex ensures fair rates for payouts, offering merchants transparent pricing and competitive fees. This fosters trust and reliability in payment processing solutions, enhancing the appeal of alternative payment methods.

Benefits of the Acquiring

Reduced Risk of Transaction Denials

International transactions face higher denial rates by banks due to fraud or security concerns, emphasizing the importance of reliable payment methods for smoother transactions.

High approve rates

Alternative payment methods facilitate smoother transactions by leveraging high approval rates. Banks' comprehension of spending habits enhances assessments, boosting payouts, and minimizing declines, ensuring a seamless payment experience for customers.


APM fees vary, but most users will appreciate ours.

Customer support 

Get all you need information to support your client and make them happy


Users can get services faster than ever with our APM methods

Our APM is attractive to final users

Gateway can be easily integrated into the billing process of any system, including E-commerce websites and mobile apps.

Top up

Recharge for additional mobile credit on your SIM card.

Success rate

Users experience reliable and efficient transactions, leading to enhanced satisfaction and trust in the payment system.