Card issuing

Virtual debit cards

Our virtual debit card issuer processor platform enables you to swiftly craft customized solutions that precisely meet your customers' needs.

Manage your card program

Efficiently manage your card program with ease: order, activate, block cards, set limits, and configure other essential options to optimize your business operations effectively.


PCI-certified APIs


Access comprehensive financial dashboards tailored for retail cards, providing detailed insights into all aspects of your financial operations in one centralized platform.

Benefits of the Cartex Virtual debit cards


Experience unparalleled speed with our 14-day card program implementation. Entrust regulatory matters to us as we seamlessly onboard your clients to our system instantly and automatically.

PCI-certified APIs

Streamline operations with our PCI-certified APIs, relieving you of administrative burdens by managing risk, compliance, and internal audits seamlessly.

Cartex Prepaid


Pay anywhere around the world, it’s a Mastercard

Real-Time Balance 

Keep track of your account balance with live updates, so you're always in the know about your financial status.

In-app Card Details 

Conveniently access and manage your card details right from the mobile app, giving you full control at your convenience.

Our virtual cards is attractive to final users

Gateway can be easily integrated into the billing process of any system, including E-commerce websites and mobile apps.

ATM Withdrawals

Effortlessly make contactless cash withdrawals from ATMs, ensuring a hassle-free banking experience.

Biometric Security 

Enhance the security of your payments with biometric authentication, guaranteeing that only you can authorize it.